Welcome to my site…firstly I take it you are a diver or wish to be a diver. The diving community in Trinidad and Tobago is a close knit community and a friendly one . We at Chelonia Divers wish to spread the knowledge by teaching snorkeling and scuba diving to those who have an interest in the sport and love for the sea.

If you are a school and wish your students to partake in a snorkeling program or a group/ individual wishing to be qualified scuba divers then you should contact us .

Your open water instructor Jochen Lee-Wo was trained in the United Kingdom and has dived around the world. Jochen believes diving must be fun and enjoyable therefore his methods of teaching are second to none.

May 2015 – Jochen is currently managing the Bluewaters Inn Dive’N centre in Speyside, Tobago. http://www.bluewatersinn.com